LIVECAST.PRO Seller Addendum


Effective Date: Jun 1, 2023


Welcome to Livecast Seller Addendum, an integral part of our Terms of Service. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing your use of our cutting-edge "" platform for content sales, the powerful "Livecast" platform for video hosting, and the opportunity to accept donations via our livecast platform.


1. Eligibility: Ready to Engage! To embrace the exciting world of For Livecast, equip yourself with a Livecast account. To accept heartfelt donations, it's essential to have the appropriate plan that allows this feature.

2. Flexibility in Selling Options Discover the freedom of choice when it comes to selling content on Livecast. With title-by-title sales, you can select the purchase options, pricing, rental period (for rentals), and the distribution territory. For subscription sales encompassing a collection of titles, you have the power to decide on the subscription period, price per subscription period, free-trial period (up to one month), and the distribution territory. Furthermore, when you add a new video to a subscription series, it instantly becomes accessible to subscribers.

3. Embracing Generosity: Donations Through our Livecast platform, you have the heartwarming opportunity to accept donations from users, made possible via a third-party payment solution. Remember to adhere to our payment vendor's terms of service for smooth transactions. Please note that Livecast assumes no responsibility for payments facilitated through this solution.

4. Responsible User Content If you allow end users to engage in comments on your Livecast site or apps, or any moderated online forum, ensure that you diligently moderate the content, consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy.

5. Empowering Licenses 5.1 Your Boundless Grant: By joining Livecast, you grant us the right and license to distribute, reproduce, transmit, publicly perform, and exhibit your uploaded videos and related content (including posters and video descriptions) according to your preferences. Moreover, you empower Livecast with the right (though not the obligation) to use your name, likeness, biographical material, or voice, contained in the uploaded content, for promotional purposes.

5.2 License Duration: These licenses remain in effect as long as you offer content for sale. However, if you remove content, Livecast reserves the right to stop offering it to new viewers while potentially providing access to those who previously purchased the content or issuing full or partial refunds to such individuals.

6. Economics: Profiting Together 6.1 Your Creator Revenue: Livecast collects revenue from consumers for the sales of your videos and remits the Creator Revenue to you after deducting taxes, chargebacks, related fees, and refunds.

6.2 Fee: For each sale on, you agree to a service fee of 10% of the transaction amount, plus Transaction Costs (e.g., payment processing, foreign exchange, and platform fees).

6.3 Livecast Fees: For Livecast usage, you will pay the following fees:

6.3.1 TVOD \96 transactional video on demand: For title-by-title sales, Livecast charges a service fee of 10% of the transaction amount, and an additional transaction fee of $0.30 per transaction.

6.3.2 SVOD \96 subscription video on demand: For initial and renewal subscription sales, Livecast charges a service fee of $0.30 per subscriber per month, and if Livecast processes the payment, a transaction fee of 2% of the transaction amount plus $0.20 per transaction.

6.3.3 FVOD and API Fulfillments: For free and API fulfillments, Livecast charges a service fee of $0.50 per transaction for title-by-title delivery and $0.50 per subscriber per month for SVOD delivery.

6.3.4 Hosting and Transcoding Fees: Hosting and transcoding fees are based on video length and must be prepaid in blocks of video upload hours. Unused blocks are non-refundable.

6.3.5 Third-Party Processing: Livecast does not provide the ability to use other payment systems other than those used by the platform

6.4 Enterprise Agreements: In the case of negotiated agreements with Livecast offering different fee structures, those terms will govern.

6.5 Third-Party Platform Fees: Remember that you are solely responsible for any fees charged by third-party app platforms, such as developer account fees and in-app purchase fees.

6.6 Sharing with Promotional Codes: Livecast may provide promotional codes for you to distribute your content to backers, reviewers, and loved ones. Promotional codes are not for sale, and Livecast reserves the right to impose restrictions on their use.

6.7 Payment Terms: Creator Revenue will be paid to you within thirty (30) days of the end of each month. For Creator Revenue, payments will be made to your PayPal account or other supported payment methods.

Creator Revenue, payments will be made to your bank account via Stripe.

6.8 Payment Vendors: all payments are facilitated through Livecast payment vendors, you must comply with their terms of service and provide accurate information.

6.9 Consumer Refunds and Chargebacks: Livecast may provide refunds to consumers under specific circumstances, which may reduce the revenue payable to you but not the fees owed to Livecast.

6.10 Reservation of Rights: Livecast retains the right to withhold amounts or make adjustments to Creator Revenue for various reasons, including amounts owed by you, reserves for potential refunds or chargebacks, or pending investigations.

6.11 Currency: Payments will be made in U.S. dollars, but you may request payment in another currency, subject to a foreign exchange fee.

7. Taxes: Your Responsibility and Compliance It is your sole responsibility to understand and meet your tax obligations. Livecast does not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice, so consult your tax advisors for guidance.

7.1 Income Taxes: You are responsible for income taxes. Livecast may withhold amounts as required by tax law and may file income reports with relevant taxing authorities.

7.2 Sales Taxes: Livecast may collect taxes (e.g., sales tax or VAT) as needed. If VAT is collected, it will be on a "VAT-inclusive" basis, with VAT deducted from amounts received.

8. Compliant Conduct: Upholding Integrity Adherence to Livecast Terms of Service is crucial. Violations may result in the suspension, limitation, or disabling of your participation.

9. Thriving with Livecast The following terms specifically relate to Livecast usage:

9.1 Compliant with Privacy Laws: Comply with applicable privacy laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and the Video Privacy Protection Act.

9.2 Privacy Policy: Create, publish, and maintain a privacy policy for your Livecast site and apps, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and accurately describing your use of consumer personal data.

9.3 Children's Privacy: If your content targets children under 13, indicate that the site/app is "Made For Kids"

9.4 Data Processing Commitment: Upholding Data Protection Livecast is dedicated to safeguarding personal data, and our collection and use of such information are governed by our robust Data Processing Agreement.

9.5 Embracing Consumer Terms of Service 9.5.1 Open Lines of Communication: As part of your Livecast site and/or apps, you must publish your contact information, ensuring accessibility for disputes and legal service of process.

9.5.2 Embracing Electronic Notices: To enhance user experience, we are required to mandate consumers to provide a valid email address and give their consent to receive electronic notices.



We encourage you to embrace these terms wholeheartedly to foster a dynamic and secure environment for both content creators and consumers. Together, we can revolutionize the world of online streaming and enrich lives with captivating content. Thank you for being part of the Livecast family!


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