Platform for online broadcasts and video hosting for the site.

  • Conduct online broadcasts on your website.
  • Add personal access passwords for each viewer.
  • Embed video with chat to get feedback from viewers.
  • Create a channel on the platform to broadcast without a website.
  • Rebroadcast 1 RTMP stream to 10 social networks to increase your audience reach and reduce your data use.

Stable and inexpensive

Broadcast. Upload videos. Multiply RTMP.

Live events

Create fail-safe broadcasts on your site. Create a channel with broadcast recordings, playlists and videos. Get real time view statistics. Manage access. Create a personal password for each viewer.

Video hosting

Upload videos and share a secure link with a personal password for every viewer. Manage access. Get real-time view statistics. Embed videos on your site. Video processing in 5 qualities for stable operation at low Internet speed


Reach your entire audience and save your traffic. Restream allows you to stream live to 10+ different platforms


Start streaming with just a few clicks.

Create live event and get connection info. Send signal from the live streaming software and click "Start Streaming".

Join free

Free for up to 5 viewers


We receive 2 streams, main and backup. Seamlessly switch to the backup when the main is lost.


Any *.m3u8, *.mpd, *.mp4, *.ts on the Internet or port can be the source of your live stream.


Broadcasts with low latency. Enabled upon request to technical support.


Everything you need for high quality delivery of your content:

80+ CDNs around the world

Secure location of your content

Company-owned servers and team

Reliable storage

Personal account

Fast support


Your stream will never drop

Send two streams over main and backup Internet channels. The server keeps the backup stream on hold, and when the main Internet channel is lost, it seamlessly switches to the backup channel. As soon as the main channel is restored, the system instantly switches back. Your stream will not be interrupted, and the audience will not notice anything.

Even if the main and backup channels are lost, your stream will still not stop. The server will show a "No signal" splash screen while there is no signal from you. Your stream will never be broken until you press the "Stop" button yourself.


Works in smart TV browsers

The broadcast works in 99% of browsers of any smart TV and set-top boxes without installing additional apps.


Unlock stream via QR code

Quickly unlock a secure stream by scanning a QR code with your phone. Your viewers do not need to put in a passcode with a TV remote.


One platform offers many solutions. One account, all your needs of video and live stream

We partner with the largest video content delivery networks to ensure that your videos can be viewed anywhere in the world.

Create your own channel

Organize videos into playlists. Access your audience to broadcast recordings and download videos 24/7. High speed distribution anywhere in the world. Embed the platform feed as an internal page on your site.

Manual ticket generation

You can use access by code without using the automatic selling functionality through the platform. Generate the required number of codes and copy the list to your computer. Upload these codes to the platform as a list. Watch activation of a code by a viewer in the statistics to make sure that the code was used.



$19 / month
  • Up to 100 viewers
  • Live broadcasts
  • Video upload
  • Up to 3 restreams
  • 1 month storage


$39 / month
  • Up to 500 viewers
  • Live broadcasts
  • Video upload
  • Up to 5 restreams
  • 2 months storage


$69 / month
  • Up to 1500 viewers
  • Live broadcasts
  • Video upload
  • Up to 7 restreams
  • 3 months storage


$99 / month
  • Up to 7000 viewers
  • Own video hosting
  • Live broadcasts
  • Video upload
  • Up to 10 restreams
  • 4 months storage

full control in 2 clicks

Create and manage when you need it

Manage access

Create broadcasts and upload videos from your personal account in 2 clicks. Generate personal access codes for each viewer or upload a list of your codes.

Broadcast page

Open and closed access via a link to your page. The number of broadcast viewers can be limited. Chat with moderation. Countdown timer before broadcast. Buttons for your social networks.

Control flexibility

Upload the video to the platform, click the broadcast recording replace button to replace the broadcast recording if something went wrong on the live stream.


Get statistics on broadcasts and video views. Statistics of access codes activated by viewers. Share statistics with partners via a private link.


Why you should try


Get technical support by phone or chat. User friendly personal account


Choose a rate according to the size of your audience not to overpay. We store content for longer time than your current rate.


Get a stable picture without buffering. Thanks to the adaptive processing of a video stream in 5 qualities, viewers will receive a stable picture even with low Internet speed.


Create password-protected broadcasts with access only for selected viewers.


Own servers and team of developers. CDN in Ukraine and beyond. Processing using modern video cards.


Answers to the questions

There are two chat modes: 1 - authorization by email or social network mode, 2 - without authorization mode, when you can only enter your name and immediately post messages. Both modes support moderation in the account, deletion of messages and ban.

Follow the link to the broadcast using the TV browser. In order not to type a long key on the TV, we create access via QR, so use this function. Point your phone camera, click on the notification, insert the key in your phone, and the broadcast on the TV will open automatically.

Yes, there is a special embed code for this in your personal account. Please note that we allow embedding both video and chat with separate codes, thus increasing flexibility when developing an event page.

Click on the "Add Stream" button. Go to the tab, get the connection info, put it into a broadcasting software, such as OBS or vMix. Send a signal. After you see in the preview that the signal has arrived, you can click "Start streaming" button. That's it! Your broadcast just started. The link to the your stream will be there also, in your personal account.


They entrusted their broadcasts to us